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Nizagara 50mg (Sildenafil)

Description of Nizagara 50 mg tablets

Nizagara 50 mg (lat.Cenforce-50). Pills to improve potency in men of different ages. Successfully used in the treatment of impotence and sexual dysfunction.
Generic Nizagara 50 mg is the optimal dosage of sildenafil. It is made in India.
It goes on sale in the form of tablets packed in a blister pack of 10 pieces. Unlike the original product, it has a non-brand name and costs almost three times cheaper. It acts in exactly the same way.

Advantages of Nizagara 50 mg and properties of the drug

They have a tonic effect on the reproductive system. Improve blood circulation in the pelvic organ. Simplify and accelerate the formation of erections. Strengthen the severity of sexual sensations. Increase the duration of sex. They help normalize sexual activity during stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, and leading a sedentary lifestyle.
Effect after use

It starts to work 30 minutes after administration and retains the effect of the application up to 6 hours. Causes 3 to 4 erections. Increases PA duration to 80 minutes.

How and when to take

It is recommended to take no more than one Nizagara 50 mg tablet per day. The drug should be washed down with water.

Do not combine with alcohol. Due to the fact that the active component of Nizagara sometimes causes drowsiness, it is forbidden to drive a car the next hour after its use. On the day of its use, nitrates (including antidepressants, sleeping pills, and other medicines) should also not be used.
Feasible side effects

The use of sildenafil 50 mg is prohibited for men with a diagnosis of ischemia, heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular failure, chronic hypertension, cirrhosis, gastric ulcer, and renal failure.